Thursday, June 18, 2009

I miss nasi gudeg

There is so much good food in Hong Kong, but what I really want right now is nasi gudeg. Bu Lasmi's nasi gudeg, to be exact.

The primary ingredient in nasi gudeg is green jackfruit that is cooked until it is soft, pink and velvety. Gudeg has the look, texture and taste of shredded meat. Aside from the all-important gudeg, the rice is also accompanied with hard-boiled egg, shredded chicken, chilli paste, rambak - beef rind that is cooked till golden, soft and spongy, tofu, spicy potatoes, and all of that is doused with thick savoury coconut cream.

You can ask to 'tambah'/add any of the stuff you like. I always ask for more spicy potatoes, gudeg, and chicken.

This is Bu Lasmi's daughter. Her warung is not as atmospheric as her mother's house. But I seldom wake up early enough to eat at Bu Lasmi's place where everything usually runs out by 8.30 am. But everything at her daughter's warung is cooked at Bu Lasmi's and brought fr there every morning, so it's really the same.

One of the many calendars in the warung.

A wall of calendars is a pretty popular form of warung interior decor. The more the merrier! The sexier the better too! We are not prudish here in Semarang.

If you ever find yourself in Semarang, and crave for gudeg (and you should!), head to:

Gudeg Abimanyu
Jalan Abimanyu VII no. 6
Tel: 024-3542100

If you are planning to go after 9am, save yourself the disappointment and go to the daughter's:
Jalan Kimangun Sarkoro no. 15
Tel: 024-8453309

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i like gudeg too. Esp gudeg sirloin.

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