Monday, March 27, 2006

Tourist in DC

I have never been to DC so of course I had to do all the touristy stuff.

Only in America

Caroline and Bush

After I took this photo, someone told me I remind her of 'a young Yoko Ono'. I looked so stunned, she had to explain she meant it as a compliment. I thanked her. Even though she said I look like someone whom I think is fugly.

Big Abe

With Gustaf and his mother

Why pose like a happy tourist when you can be an angry one?
Art Dir: Howie
Stylist: Gustaf
Photographer: Howie
Taken when Gustaf's mother was away.


We went to DC for the wkend and had an awesome time. This wkend is also the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival because the 3000 or so cherry trees that were a gift from Japan in the early 1900s are supposed to be in bloom. But it has been a bit chilly the past few days so they are not in peak bloom but trees and trees of pink buds still made a pretty sight.

Tidal Basin

The prettiest cherry blossom view I saw in DC - a house near Gustaf's place in Georgetown.


So, of course I had to make a pilgrimage to Harvard. I've seen it a few times but I had to see it again this time. Harvard Sq is lovely but Vera says that Penn's campus is nicer and I have to agree. And our dear old Ben is definitely way cooler than John.

Confession: I bought a Harvard T-shirt. I had to. They didn't have any funny ones though so I had to make do w/ a kid's T-shirt that says "Future Harvard Graduate."